The farm was wonderful….the house was so well done and really brings you back in time… R.R. Nov.2013.

We drove from Alexandria, VA with our family of 4, 2 children….had a great time in the comfortable Eppley House and in the Village of Yellow Springs…we liked not having TV, WiF, traffic..the kids felt as though they were sleeping in a museum…R.Family Nov. 2013.

My daughter and I had a grand time, in 2010 & 2013….thank you A & S for telling us about this place. S. & A. Nov. 2013.

Was greeted by several sheep as we drove in the lane…warm temperatures and rain..wide variety of birds at the feeder…met my daughter and her husband from Ohio to celebrate her birthday…we’ll be back! A. R. & The B’s. 12/21/2013. KY. & OH.

What a wonderful relaxing way to bring in the New Year…this is our second visit and we’re certain it won’t be our last. D. & M. 12/31/2013,  Mason, OH.

This is our 3rd visit to the Eppley House…and it has been as peaceful and inspiring as ever..we have become very aware of the carefully regarded wildlife….many birds,  goshawk, owl, seven deer and a well fed rabbit….thank you to your family, Julia & Branson, for allowing visitors to share in the place of thoughtful contemplation…LK. 1/8/2014

….I am amazed that such a place still exists…and it’s only an hour’s drive away..gorgeous sunset left it’s rosy glow on the snow white fields, to be followed by the moon and the star filled sky…J. R.1/20/2014.

A perfect place to spend a snowy Valentine’s Day! The house is cozy and the bird-watching is first rate, thank you.. N. & A. Columbus, OH 2/14/2014.

I enjoyed the utter quietness of the house and the fact I could spend quality time with my family…Eppley is a beautifully restored house, you should be proud of preserving it’s heritage and spirit…K.K. & L. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Can. 3/12/2014.

The wind was howling beautifully the 1st night, then all calm and sweetness as I watched the daffodils and squills come up right before my eyes…thank you for sharing such a rich heritage….I feel like I enjoyed the gift of ‘going home’ to what I started and always loved…….L.F. 4/6/2014.

We loved every minute of our stay at the farm…my husband found me every morning watching the birds and wildlife from the laudry room….beautiful sunrises out that window and sunsets from the front porch….we’ll be back the first chance we get…R. & D. Cape Elizabeth, ME. 5/3/2014

Of all the wonderful places in the world that I have stayed——-this is my favorite…it was meticulously clean… was actually spiritual for us….F.& L.D. Palestine, TX. 5/17/2014.

We came to ride the Little Miami Bike Trail… was easy to get to the trail from the farm….we rode to Corwin and back 56 mi. total…we had dinner at the Winds tonight, which was lovely…thank you for taking the time to worry about the little things, both decoratively and practically…L & R Pittsburg, PA. 5/24/2014.

Thank you for restoring this lovely house and allowing guests to treasure it with you…M & Family.

Four adults and four kids/all shared your home/so much fun was had by all/not far did we roam/we barely had to leave the front porch…+ 4 more stanza’s all ending with “we rarely left the front porch”…Two family’s, the C’s from KY and the S’s from IN 7/3/2014.

It was delightful to spend evenings and mornings at the farm…the river of fireflies flowing across the fields….I was there attending the writer’s workshop and this space was a perfect counterpoint to the day of words washing over me…it is truly a gift…M.F. 7/16/2014.

Reluctantly I pack my things, city bound…this restful oasis has given me pause….the morning fog like a farmer’s quilt…to need only the blanket of fireflies each night, a tonic for the soul…T.N. 7/18/2014.

……I love your educational writings about your history, your preservation process, and your wild garden, wildlife habitat…a sleeping fawn…slept very soundly, we’ll be back..7/20/2014. The G’s Dublin, OH.

Visitng Yellow Springs for M’s commencement…we too spent time on the porch…2 girls from LA & AZ…so green here…R. & M. M. 8/3/2014.

…..The home has enbraced and welcomed us since before we arrived, so grateful the weekend was open….we are filled with gratitude to have found such a welcoming place to call home/base while visiting Yellow Springs during our yoga retreat…peace 9/5/2014

My stay was true bliss!….Slept soooo sound…thank you for sharing a bit of heaven…C & S Erie, PA. 9/7/2014.

Thank you so much for making my wedding weekend bridal party feel at home… we will be back..N.& JM

…..I can’t imagine a better place to spend an October night with a full moon…The J Family Madison, GA.

…What an absolute treasure…a place of simplicity, peace & natural beauty…we found much needed respite from busy lives….thank you for all the special touches, especially the flowers..J. & D. Cleveland, OH 10/13/2014.

Thanks as always for your hospitality and sharing the peace here..I am pleased to now have experienced Eppley in every season…J. Columbus 10/19/2014.

What a magical way to celebrate my birthday….we walked on the farm..we appreciated the wildness of the yard..the beauty of the floors, comfy beds, and amazing porch..with gratitude..B & M R 10/21/2014.

Visiting Eppley House has allowed us to escape the chaos that occurs in our hometown of Athens,  OH during Halloween weekend… Our first morning we walked around the house sipping coffee, wondering what it would have been like to live in the early 1800’s…thank you for the incredible get-away! D & C 10/26/2014.

…It has been a perfect spot to celebrate our anniversary..we look forward to returning…K & A. Nov. 2014.

Thank you for sharing your delightful jewel of a farmhouse with us…Happy New Year L & M Santa Fe, NM.

Shazzam, Pow—fun winter weekend! We were grasshoppers to the farm experience………..and easily melded into the environment…J & T. 1/2/2015.

…..I was happy to arrive the first night with enough snow to reflect the sun’s gold, orange, and pink rays…beautiful! I love the stillness here, especially in winter. My daughter visited and we played the cello and Celtic harp, the floors vibrate and the walls resonate with the music…J Columbus, OH.1/19/2015.

….Thanks for sharing this place of beauty and peace! Kudos for preserving your family heritage. You have truly “taken the road less traveled by”. B & C, Lakeview, OH  2/15/15.

……After reading all the delightful and glowing, thoughtful, poetic and grateful entries in this book, we are wondering what we could possibly add save to say that “We Agree!” We loved driving down the lane to solitude, the birds nests on the back porch carefully arrayed on the back porch…we liked hiking the fields watching the birds feed…the sunsets from the porch….loved the Blessed Place..F & E., Worthington, OH. 3/14/15.

….What a wonderful night’s sleep…loved listening to the birds in the early mornings on the porch… I ran 6 miles today on the bike path…then I spotted 12 white tailed deer.. our simple needs were well satisfied..G.O. Columbus, OH. 3/17/15.

My mother flew in from Texas……it was perfectly located to my sister’s…we have decided as many before us to return…we loved the before and after pictures and reading the history….BK from Kettering and MM from Texas, 3/30/15.

Ah, Eppley…you are always so peaceful and serene…J from Columbus, OH 4/7/15.

…..The artists here this weekend were elated to have the time and quiet to restore their spirits and create new work…you have something very special here…thank you for sharing, AP 4/13/15.

Thank you for providing a wonderful home away from home…three friends from Washington, DC & one from Oxford, OH shared yoga with their teacher….with gratitude and affection, The Hens..B.B. F. & M. 5/6/15.

We fully anticipated enjoying Eppley House. we had no idea of how much we would LOVE IT. K. & E. L, Cortez, CO. 6/21/15.

For the second year I’ve been gifted with a week at this lovely farm house, whilst commuting back and forth to the Antioch Writers Workshop….the bluejays, cardinals, humming birds, house finches seem to coexist without conflict or animosity, truly magical…M.F.7/17/15.

I once was lost, but now I found true love at Howell Farm. RM S+M 7/20/15.

My remarkable daughter, Lisa, invited me here for my 88th birthday….a magical retreat…the house brought back many fond memories of growing up in  Upstate New York…thank you JKH 7/25/15.

What a great place this is- we so enjoyed our stay- already talking about a return in the fall or winter. Peace B.U. 8/9/15.

We wanted a getaway, we did get it here at Eppley…thank you for providing the respite we needed. T & T Cincinnati, OH.8/16/15.

As a teacher I get the pleasure of bringing my students to Glen Helen every year….my wife and I decided to take a getaway weekend in Yellow Springs…we are grateful to get the experience, such an amazingly restored home…. A & T W, Celina, OH 9/20/15.

Today is my 39th birthday…..cannot think of a better place to spend the weekend…heard an owl last night…saw sheep this morning…A Mt Vernon, OH 9/26/15.

My husband and I spent a magical 2 and a 1/2 days celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary. What a gem you have here in the Eppley House….we can’t wait until the next time! A & J Cincinnati, OH 10/4/15.